Purchasing Advertising on our Site zipmap.net

We are open to selling the ad space on our maps directly to advertisers.

Our inventory consists of two ad spaces on our mapping pages:

336x280 appears on the bottom-right ($7,500/month)

320x50 appears on the top-right ($2,500/month)

The site zipmap.net has a majority of traffic from the USA (>95%) and a very high percentage (>85%) of organic search visitors with very few social media visitors (<1%). The highest activity is during the work week and lighter on weekends and holidays. The traffic to our site is very predicatble and consistent year after year averaging about 1,500,000 revenue pageviews per month.

If you are an advertiser interested in purchasing all of our inventory for one or both our ad slots for a set monthly price, please contact us HERE

No brokers, only principles will be considered. We currently are quite happy with our current broker and will only consider a direct sell.

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